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Why Bayside Painting?


We believe in building a relationship with our clients. Unlike many painters and contractors who are only interested in the “one time” philosophy. That is painting for everyone one time and hoping not to hear from them again. Bayside Painting is relying on your experience with us to build a lasting relationship in the hopes of future work, not only for you, but your friends and family.

Our clients trust their homes and businesses with us. They leave us with keys and security codes so that the work doesn’t have to affect their busy schedule.

We start the job as scheduled, and then effectively man the job with skilled employees. WE BELIEVE IN PLANNING YOUR WORK AND THEN WORKING YOUR PLAN!

Quality Control
We start with a consultation to assess your needs, and to offer educated suggestions, if needed in such areas as color, logistics, and industry standards. We will then send a proposal accompanied by a detailed description of the work requested. Once work begins we will communicate to ensure your needs and expectations are met.

Surface Preparation
This is the key to quality painting, and we take pride in ensuring a substrate is properly prepared prior to any painting.

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Waterproofing a block wall with Elastomeric